14:26 CEST

2017, documentary, 15', Language: Italian

The poetic observations of an Italian mountain village allow the viewer to enter another time zone. A place where the repetitive approach of time is influenced by the magnificence of the environment. There is nothing more expected than what exists already, which creates a kind of meditative cycle of time, pace and actions.


LUCA School of Arts Brussels

film festivals

London International documentary film festival 2018

World film festival 2018

Szczecin European film festival 2018

Trento film festival 2018

International documentary festival Ierapetra 2018

CMS Vatavaran film festival 2018

Festival de cine de La Almunia 2018 

Roma Cinema Doc 2018

Caminhos film festival 2018

Screening at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Estonia 2018

International student film festival Belgrado 2017

Dokumentart 2017

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