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14:26 CEST

2017, documentary, 15', Language: Italian

The film entails poetic observations of an Italian mountain village, which allow the viewer to enter another time zone. A place where the repetitive approach of time is influenced by the magnificence of the environment. There is nothing more expected than what exists, which creates a kind of meditative cycle of time, pace and actions.


The viewer is confronted with the real time pace in which smoke flows out of a chimney, or sheep eating grass. There’s just something about taking your time to look at something, which, in a way, I wanted to force on the viewer as I have to force myself as well to stop and look sometimes. The result visually shows these still documented images, and the audio echoes a world which was present in my own perception. The characters had to have something repetitive, as if they were a part of some still life. The key sentence of the narrative of the film: “Why not be like the mountains? Vast, content and in their place”, embodies for me a notion of freedom, of not wanting more, which I repeat in the film itself. “They are destined to look at the same scene forever, nothing else to expect.” The film tries to show how you embrace these limits, and turn them into something peaceful to strive for. 


LUCA School of Arts Brussels

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