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a collection of hours

2018, documentary, 18', language: Bulgarian

‘a collection of hours' is a minimalist audiovisual portrait of the cherry harvest of a Flemish fruit company. Each of the 70 Bulgarian workers is working a total of 324 hours. What follows is a cycle of working, eating and sleeping that never seems to halt. The in between times seem merely a waiting room for the next part to start.


The film wants to deconstruct the concept of the laboral working schedule and its psychological effect. Being in a state of counting your hours and days for the promise of peace and comfort in the future. In contrary to the past, what marks laboral work nowadays, is that you often don’t have ownership over what you make or work on. You only own your hours. With this portrait the viewer is immersed into these monotone and repetitive days where time is counted and a person is often reduced to the productivity of a timeframe. Together with a thesis about the ethnographic and sensorial wave in documentary film where I examined the practice of the Sensory Ethnography Lab of Harvard University, I completed my Master’s degree.

produced by

LUCA School of Arts Brussels

with the support of


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