ecce homo

2017 ,20’’ loop

Video installation, Public space projection

'ecce homo' is a research into creating and displaying large video projections on the walls of a city as an alternative way to participate in street art with new media. These interventions aim to offer the street passenger a regainment of focus. 'ecce Homo' started with Christophe, who was a man sleeping everyday at the same spot near my house. I filmed him mostly asleep because it represented a very human state, almost peaceful, a sort of acceptance of being part of an urban landscape. To highlight the disappearance of the active presence of his image on the street, I found the need to take his image and video project it on a wall in my street in a very enlarged way, in a way of regaining his presence. The discrepancy of intruding the public space in a very aggressive way with a rather peaceful tableau brought an interesting result that I decided to continue working on it.


Public space video projection ‘ecce homo’  by LUCA school of Arts Brussels 

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