2017-ongoing ,20’’ loop
Video installation/Public space projection

The aim of this ongoing project is to create and display large video projections on the walls of a city. An alternative way to participate in street art with new media. These interventions represent subjects that are so inherent to our city landscape that we eventually pass them by. It aims to offer the street passenger a regainment of focus.

'Ecce Homo' started when I befriended Christophe, who was a man sleeping everyday at the same spot near my house. I was filming him for a while as it fascinated me how he became part of the urban landscape. I filmed him mostly asleep because it represented a very human state, almost peaceful, a sort of acceptance of being part of that landscape. To highlight the disappearance of the active presence of his image on the street, I found the need to take his image and video project it on a wall in my street in a very enlarged way. The discrepancy of intruding the public space in a very aggressive way with a rather peaceful tableau brought an interesting result that I decided to continue working on it.

Video installation ‘ecce homo’ & Public space projection ‘ecce homo’  by LUCA school of Arts Brussels 

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