2021, video installation, 1h40 loop


NAVEX-4 is an installation of a diorama-like wooden black box, where you find yourself surrounded by three video projections and a repetitive soundscape. The videos are made of old super 8 film material, showing passing landscapes, moving water and snapshots of life on a river vessel in the 70’s. The fragments are of my grandparents, who were shipmen between Holland, Belgium and Germany.


The videos are combined with a pink noise soundscape, generated by a synthesizer. It mimics the rhythm of cyclical sound signals of biological systems, making the brain believe it is listening to the sound of real waves. Foghorn and seagulls are added as an almost classic sound to stir a memory. Pink noise has the ability to filter out all other sounds around us, helping people to fall asleep or keep them longer in a deep state of sleep. The combination of these audiovisual layers creates an overall hypnotic ambience of the installation, that serves as an almost meditative and relaxing experience for the viewer, immersing in his own world of memories by looking at someone else’s. 


Selected for Artcontest 2021

Created through an artist residency at Het Bos

With the support of Breedbeeld

Pics by Sofie De Backere

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