2021, video installation, 1h40 loop


NAVEX4 is a video installation through the creation of a black box with three video projections and sound boxes. The projections are fragments of old super 8 films of my grandparents who were shipmen between Holland, Belgium and Germany throughout the 70’s. The fragments contain passing landscapes, moving water and snapshots of life on deck. The title references the name of the ship as we embark on a trip of our own.

The images are accompanied by a soundscape based on pink noise, generated by a synthesizer. Pink noise mimics the cyclical sounds of nature, such as water and sea waves. It is one of the most common sound signals in biological systems. It is often used as a filter for all the other sounds around us and to lull people asleep.  The intention of this installation is for the viewer to create a relaxed and meditative state of mind at times where there is so much noise in the world. With this repetitive image-sound combination the viewer is immersed in his or her inner world of memories. By looking at someone else’s memories, you get lost wandering in your own…  

Pics by Sofie De Backere

Sound by Jago Moons 

Created through an artist residency at Het Bos

With the support of Breedbeeld

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