(°1993, Belgium) Growing up with an Argentinian father and Belgian/Dutch mother I have always been naturally attracted to the themes of culture and identity. I became quickly aware of the importance and beauty of intercultural understanding. This is reflected in my choice of medium. Through the universal language of image,  I search for a common understanding.


I graduated in 2018 with a Masters Degree in Audiovisual Arts at the LUCA school of Arts in Brussels, with a focus on ethnographic filmmaking. Since then, my work travels through multidisciplinary platforms like art centers, film festivals and exhibitions, with documentary films, multimedia installations and photography. 

I mostly work with documentary images and  often start off with the observations of everyday situations and encounters.  Afterwards, I depict and capture the elements that are based on rhythm, repetition, cultural habits, routines and gestures. I conceptualize them, often by enlarging or distorting their time and space, offering the same view, but presented in a different tempo or format. It makes everything slide into a slightly different frame, yet it remains recognizable. 


This with 2 intentions: 1. through their poetic characteristiscs, revealing the universal elements and connections around us.  2. As a anthropological tool for the viewer to indicate similarities of differences with their own reality. 



2017- 2018 

MA in Audiovisual Arts, LUCA School of Arts Brussels


BA in Audiovisual Arts, LUCA School of Arts Brussels


ARTCONTEST Selected artist 2021

VAF Ket&Doc Production Grant 2021

SIILK GALLERY Residency program 2021

HET BOS Art residency 2021

VAF Ket&Doc Atelier 2020-2021

BREEDBEELD for audiovisual project development 2020

BREEDBEELD for photographic project development 2020

UN Flanders trainee program 2019

SABAM for culture grant for audiovisual development 2018 


2021 Group exhibition ‘Artcontest 2021’, Vanderborght-complex Brussels

2021 Siilk Gallery exhibition in Athens, Greece

2021 Group Exhibition ‘Vruchtbare Grond’ at Het Bos, Antwerp 

2021 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Video Library

2020 Group exhibition ‘Inside out’ by Breedbeeld

2019 Group exhibition ‘seasonalneighbours’ at Borgloon

in cooperation with Z33 center of contemporary art Hasselt. 

2018 Masters LUCA at Beursschouwburg, Brussels 

2018 Wijnfavorieten met beelden, Antwerp

2018 London international documentary festival

2018 World film festival 

2018 Szczecin European film festival 

2018 Trento film festival 

2018 International documentary festival Ierapetra

2018 Roma Cinema Doc

2018 Caminhos film festival

2018 ‘14:26 CEST’ screened at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Estonia 

2017 VISITE film program, Het Bos

2017 ​CEME doc Madrid

2017 Installation of ‘where there is no point’ at Back_up Media and Arts Festival

2017 International student film festival Belgrado

2017 Dokumentart 



Vruchtbare grond magazine

Het Bos Antwerp


2019 Womancinemakers magazine 

Featured with a 15 pages spread in the 2019 issue of the biannual magazine womencinemakers, as one of 10 directors to talk about ‘14:26 CEST’ and the importance of female presence in cinema.

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