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Obstructed landscapes

2022, video installation, 15'

'Obstructed landscapes' falls within the visual research I am conducting around human's relation to open spaces and viewing points, 


After exploring the views on the two highest points of Paris, Montmartre and Butte Chaumont, I got fascinated by the images that carried a certain obstruction in them. The fascination of this occasional natural obstruction lead me to create an inversion of the open wideness, one that produces the craving to see it. The perspective is manipulated by positioning myself at the spot where these natural elements form the obstruction in a soft, non aggressive way. 


You are looking at a potential, a promise of a comfort, that is never quite reached.


By working with a certain inversion of something, creating an urge, a craving, a necessity to see it and in that way underlining the actual presence of it. Ultimately creating the soothing and meditative tranquillity in this cycle of searching. The notion of an obstructed landscape is further incorporated in the presentation as a circle view projection on a black plate that hangs across the room.

Made during the artist residency of Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris, granted by the Belgian ministry of Culture and Arts. 

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