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visual research project 2022-present

In my artistic practice I am currently examining the relation between human relation to open spaces, viewing points and panoramas as part of a visual exploration titled ‘The solace of open spaces’. It deals with the question of why we seek these places out to find solace and reflection. Why does the sight of a view offer us relief or a comfortable feeling? Which elements contribute to the tranquility and the hypnotic aspect that arises? How, why and when does a visual perspective become a state of mind? How does open space influence daily life and public space? After confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these questions gain even more relevance thanks to the increased awareness of our vital space, the space we occupy and the space we need for contemplation. 


To have had the experience now of our restricted outdoor time, of being confronted with an overdose of multimedia indoors, makes it an important moment to redefine a communal activity, such as that of a viewing point, which serves in society as a collective and secular space to explore your rituals and reflective mind. I find it absolutely necessary to examine and work around this theme, because I find it to be a very contemporary subject to question and redefine our public space as a society and at the same time reinvesting in our ability to share public experiences and activities, despite the differences in our lives. 




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