2021-.., Belgium

"The solace of open spaces" is the title of a visual research project that is based on the relationship between humans and open spaces. Why does the sight of open landscapes and views offer us relief or a comfortable feeling? Which elements contribute to the tranquility and the insights that this broad spectacle can offer? How, why and when does a visual perspective become a state of mind?


Part of the objective of the research is to explore and study different places and views. How does open space influence daily life and public space? Where does the hypnotic aspect of a view arise? These questions will be the starting point of several photo and video projects that I will carry out in the future.


After confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “the solace of open spaces” gains additional relevance thanks to the increased awareness of our vital space, the space we occupy and the space we need for contemplation. Through visual art, the job of the artist will be to claim such space, and enable us to “take part” in it. 



To be further developed in late 2021 at the artist residency of Siilk Gallery in Greece, awarded by the fund of BREEDBEELD. 

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