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2022, video installation, 4'33''

‘Jupiter’ combines footage of nighttime lightning at the mountains of Corniglio in Italy and a soundscape of variety of drumming sounds. These drums refer to something that is about to happen, but you don’t know exactly what or when. The sound of these rhythms also aim to enhance a meditative feeling. It creates a dialogue between the lightning and drums, rhythm and randomness, patterns and unpredictability. There is no climax, no thunder and no recurrent rhythmical pattern leading the way. ‘Jupiter’ is a play on expectations, a sign of times of instability. The title references to the Roman god of lighting and thunder. Including a mythical, bigger than us element, represents a loss of control and submission to the unknown.


Presented as a projected video on a black MDF surface of 20x30cm, emulating a sense of a light box, a illusionary sense of object and tangibility.

Made during the artist residency of Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris, with the support of the Flemish ministry of Culture and Arts. 

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